Ruff Stuff - RSM001

A new musical adventure is coming up from Ruff Stuff.
The producing duo from Milan, launch a new series of 12” white labels dedicated to the exploration of the different souls of their musical path.

The first release includes four tracks with different identities and a common trait: warm atmospheres and thick grooves.

Opening up is “Apologize”, a haunting slice of house with acid influences, centered on an insistent analog bassline and a dark vocal sample ever evolving on a solid house groove.

Dr.Hope” reveals the deeper face of the two producers, with a warm pad surrounding the sturdy groove and the hypnotic stab. The vocal gives us message of hope “…rainbows only follows storms, you cannot have a rainbow without a storm first!”

The B side opening track is “Parallel Harmonies” a melodic techno track build around a 909 groove and a bouncing square bass, that evolves into a psychedelic trip when pads and the arpeggio mix together.

The closing track “Look Through” is a dark hypnotic slice of house. Groove, chords and arpeggio synth are blended together to create an obscure musical path that will go straight to the heart of the dance floor.


Now digitally available!


Ruff Stuff - RSM001
Ruff Stuff - RSM001