Ruff Stuff - RSM004

Ruff Stuff returns to their own label and are proud to announce a new 4 track EP.

Untitled04 is the result of different experiments on the sound and introduces a novelty for the label: the first official remix by the lovely Italian duo Black Loops.

'Never Ending' opens the A side with its raw groove, a hypnotic pad warming everything up and a vocal that will drive the listeners to unexplored territories. 'M.A.M.T.' showcases the most familiar sound of Ruff Stuff: warm techno stabs on a straight groove filled with a single vocal and a synthetic arpeggio in the second part.

On the B side the sound changes its shape with 'Flying': a mixture of rough grooves, disco samples, female vocals and a touch of acid. The remix by Black Loops brings the track back to very house territories chopping the original samples more and filling them with a solid beat and shining hats.

Just put the needle on, push play and dance! Vinyl only, limited copies.


Now digitally available!


Ruff Stuff - RSM004
Ruff Stuff - RSM004